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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Little Drummer Boy.....

Dear Kai;

Today you went for your first "official" drum lesson. You were so excited, 

clutching your new manuscript book and your beloved stick bag, you 

couldn't wait to get going!

You are 4 years old.

I guess it comes as no surprise that the love of drumming flows through 

you.....just like your Daddy.

Daddy and you, playing hand were only 10 days old but you loved it even then.

It feels like you have always played the drums.....Daddy gave you your first 

lesson when you were 10 days were still that new-born yellow 

colour and you were so tiny....but you looked Daddy straight in the eye and 

grabbed hold of his finger and played enjoyed it from the very start.

You got your first drum kit at were 11 months old....You 

loved it! .........and from then on, there has been no stopping you!

Christmas Day 2007....your first Drum Kit.

You have helped out Daddy in his drums shows............You have played 

your Kit at a few have played in a huge drum circle at have even played drums at the percussion show in 

Alice Springs.....although you were a bit shy and sat on Dad's lap,....well 

you were only 2 after all!

All ready to play at Boolara Folk Festival....2011.

You play Drums ALL the time at home and you are getting very can now play a rock beat and a samba! You practised and 

practised untill you got it are so proud of yourself because you 

worked very hard and now you can do it!

I am very proud of you also! 

I love to watch you play when you think I'm not have such a

passion inside of you for such a little boy.......My wish for you, is that you 

have that passion always, no matter what you choose to do or be when 

you grow it be a drummer, butcher, plumber or 

superhero......don't ever loose it!

Your first "official" Drum lesson.

I wonder whats in store for my special little man.

Love Mummy. xx